Thursday, November 10, 2016

"I told myself I wouldn't say 'Anything...'"

I told myself that I wouldn't say anything about anything but here's the thing:

If you are anything or anything, you better hug anything and get ready to stand by anything because anything can and WILL happen now that anything is anything.

We are better than anything or we are no better than anything: we'll be WORSE than anything.

Remember: if you anything'd than YOU are to anything. You are on the wrong anything of anything.

But now isn't the time for that. Anything might happen but anything COULD happen. Accept anything. Or get over anything. Just get over anything.

Here's the anything: anything is the problem and anything is the solution. We've got to stand to anything: stand up for anything and stand against anything.

Years from anything we will look back on this anything and see it as the moment when we were anything.

Nothing is anything and everything is anything and that's everything.

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