Thursday, August 20, 2015

Miscellaneous: Long Distance Friendship and Dumb Bible Jokes

I no longer live near two of my best friends. We were all volunteers in my parish's youth ministry program. Two of us came out of that program as teenagers. I ended up working there several years later. 

It sucks not having people you care about around. Social media makes it easier and you still pick up when you see each other. When you have a shared history with some folks, new friends can't get all the jokes and references and stylistic flourishes that have to be shelved while you build new meaningful relationships in your life. 

Still, there's always the Internet. 

My buddy Shawn said:

"We should make a fake social media site for ancient theologians and philosophers. "Paul has checked in with Silas - at Eastern Macedonian Correctional Facility.""

After that we all posted a bunch of jokes we all thought would make each other laugh. Theirs were funny (at least to us) and clever and I don't want to co op that so here is just mine. They're all bible references and I thought they were funny. Given that either side of the great religion divide often has a certain sensitivity and seriousness with those issues, please take these the best possible way. 

Full-disclosure: I spent up through graduate school making dumb drawings and metal band logos in my notebooks during heady lectures so that's how I'm calibrated. 

(EDIT: I deleted one because after giving it some thought...and with some added was a little too far)

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